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19 Struggles Of Having An Outgoing Personality But Actually Being Introverted


Posted on July 22, 2014

1. You’re not anti-social, you’re selectively social. It’s not that you don’t like going out, it’s that you are very choosy about when, where, and for how long.

2. At any given point, you have one (maybe two) best friends who are your entire life.


My coworker told me that I’m the biggest extrovert she’s ever met/worked with.



I’ve never heard or seen something so terrible and cruel.

A friend of mine went missing for a week after she got kicked out of the rehab and dropped off at a bus stop. She went there to detox but after she was let go, a man took her in saying he would take her back to the rehab and help her.

This man didn’t. He took her to some place, gave her drugs and sold her for sex. The man had at least 5 people come in to do her every day. He kept doping her up with heroin and to wake her up, people were using a crack pipe which gave her burns all over her legs and back and god knows where else.

They also forced her to do crack and they were also smoking bed bugs. Yes, bed bugs. At the end, she finally got to a phone and called her mom who was already in the same town we live in, she was looking for her daughter. She went to get her and brought her over here, so we went to meet up with them.

When we came, we were pretty much in shock when we saw her and heard the story. She was a sobbing mess, her arms covered in track marks and it was obvious she didn’t have a shower in days.

We let her and her mother stay the night at our house, and let her take a shower. I just can’t imagine the pain she is in. When we saw the burns on her back from the crack pipe, our hearts just broke.

Drug addicts are horrible and cruel. I just have no other words for what happened. I still can’t believe it. I’m just so glad she got out of there, and is with her mom and us right now. She is going to need a lot of time to heal and recover from this.

What happened to your friend is enforced sexual Slavery; a form of Human Trafficking. I know that right now, she’s probably in no state to go to the federal police, but if, with her mother and your support, she could go to one of the many charitable organisations that work to combat all areas of Trafficking in People, including sexual slavery (for example the Chicago Dream Centre), they could offer her a lot of professional support and help in recovering from the ordeal she has been through - as well as potentially getting something done about the man/group who enslaved her. She was “lucky” to escape so quickly - many, many more don’t; and if those people can be caught and stopped…

I’m also reblogging for my various American friends ( lighttheflame audwardway anneofbluetardis letlovemeetlove inquietstrength stereoma + co ) who may be able to offer other US-wide, or State specific groups who offer counselling and support to anyone who has had the experience your friend has had (I’m afraid my knowledge is with the Irish charities.) Folks, if you know of any such groups, will you reblog with details, please?

She can call the Human Trafficking Hotline at 1.888.3737.888 or text BeFree (233733)

testing out skype with the housemates. we’re practicing….this is hilarious.



Mr Rogers: How Crayons Are Made.

did anybody else watch this and feel their blood pressure drop by like 10%

This is my favorite Mr Rogers’ episode EVER. I used to watch it on repeat and do a happy dance when it came on tv.

I woke up singing a Matt Maher song and was horrified that my subconscious did that to me.

It’s Friday. Thank the good lord because I don’t think I could stand another day of the batshit craziness that is my office.

Both perspectives are very true for me. By ‘feminist,’ I mean anyone, of either gender, who believes in dignity, justice and equality for all people—especially women, gays, the aged, the challenged, the economically disadvantaged—and is committed to doing whatever is necessary to make that happen. Furthermore, I believe that this is mandated by the model of Jesus in the Gospels.

My question is not whether a person can be a Christian and be a feminist. My question is how can a person possibly be a Christian and not be a feminist.

Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB (Faith & Justice: 14 Questions for Sister Joan Chittister OSB).

The crazy guy who rifles through the front console of cars hit mine last night. As is customary, he didn’t take anything of value (he left my gps on the front seat), but he took my new package of tums. Really???? I’m usually so paranoid about locking my car doors, too.

Why, yes,

I did just make my bed completely with clean sheets, pillow cases, and blanket only to unmake it and crawl in bed 10 minutes later.